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deathproof still..

last night i was re watching death proof for what must be now the 2983977 time and it suddenly hit me, rosario dawson is wearing a unicorn t-shirt!! yayy the girl knows whats up.

and a bit more…

Partying with us!!   Yep, Saturday’s mayhem is indeed gonna be down at dollop held at the Old Blue hold your nose last.

dollop presents Care In The Community X Crystal Fighters (Kitsune) Single Launch Party, kicks off at 8pm – 1.30am this coming Saturday 16th May.

Guess what???  ITS FREE!!!




GK x


I’m not feeling broody or anything. On the contrary I have an irrational fear of babies and toddlers at the moment. Has any one noticed that they are like drunk midget time bombs about to explode at any given time. I’m telling you guys any human bellow the age of 6 is capable of doing anything, juts on the basis that they are always fucked and they don’t give a fuck.

it’s messed up.

Why wasn’t this man B.I.G?!


Okay, so we’ve all seen Notorious BIG the movie, either at our local cinema or got our hands on a damn good copy from the DVD man, I mean, no disrespect but Gravy just didn’t cut it for me as Big Poppa. Now the question i must pose is, why was this man not BIG?!

Guerilla Black.

Now lean back, close your eyes and for a brief moment you’ll feel like BIG has been resurrected and is rapping to you through the speakers on this lovely little R&B gem featuring Mario Winans….

He even looks the part!! What a disappointment jeeeeez…



where the wild things are

This film actually looks so so so amazing. I want his little wolf suit, its so cute. It’s directed by Spike Jonze who is really cool and the co-creator of Jackass (Yasmin i know you love it) and part owner of girl skateboards. Its based on an american childrens picture book although iv never heard of it 😦 The wild things look really fuzzy and soft and i wanna hug them 🙂