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i love this song

these girls are so sassy, i love it.

too old for underage festival

im annoyed i missed santigold 😦 butttt here are a few of my snaps from the day..
fairground at underage festival
MS interview for switch at underage festival.
JME at underage festival
ladyhawke at underage festival

underage festival crowd

amanda fucking blank

I should of posted these ages ago but i suck, sorry. I took them when amanda came over and played a show at cargo earlier this month. It was literally one of the best nights this city has offered me in ages. WordPress hates me and wont let me post biggger pictures so if you want to see em bigger you can see a little selection on my site.

You can download her track ‘make it take it’ for freee! from her album of the same name which is released on august 4th here!!! I’m prettty sure the rest of her album is going to be dope, and i dont usually buy music but this is one of those exceptions to the rule 🙂

hot tub

This week i cant stop listening to these three girlies who go by the name of hot tub. Hailing from oakland California they’ve supported some big names including MIA, the cool kids and the ting tings on their US tour.
Listen to them here.

When the money goes


I’ve got really nice friends who e-mail me links to hot tracks every now and then because they know that I’m lazy to do it myself. Also the fact that on a daily basis I use a laptop that’s the size of my hand doesn’t help. So here you go, that fire from the street, here at Charlatan we like to think that we give something back to the world. xxx SV

KiD CuDi – Mr. Solo Dolo

Clipse ft. Kanye West – Kinda Like A Big Deal

Clipse ft. Pharrell – I’m Good

Big Sean ft. Kanye West – Glenwood

Mos Def – Revelations

Fabolous ft. Jay-Z – When The Money Goes pt.2

Jay-Z – When The Money Goes Pt.1

free theatre tickets for under 26’s

my mum linked me to this, bless her. Heres a video about whats happenning in kingston but if you enter your postcode on their website theres stuff going on everywhere ANDDDD its free which is awesome!!