moving house

so when i go back to uni in september i’ll be moving into a new house! i think im the only person who enjoys moving, packing, cleaning, decorating and then unpacking. i think its to do with starting again and having another go at things it gives me a big sense of drive. but yeah so with that on my mind iv seen so many good new things i NEED for my house..
‘good nite’ pillows by snooze city.
‘the scent of style’ candle by patricia field. on the glass it says ‘yo pussy on fire’.
polaroid mirror by Colin ‘O Dowd.
all the next stuff is from urban outfitters, they do some bad things in the homeware department..
AK icecube tray.
raspberry shower cap.
soapstar picture frame.
theres so so so so much more i could include in this list, this is only the beginning! xo


One response to “moving house

  1. suchacharlatan

    Hahaha… I think you are the only person that likes moving. Wish I could say the same.
    I’ve gotta do it next week. Not looking forward to it one lil bit!!!
    But roll on the house warming P.A.R.T.Y.

    LOVE the pillows!

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