Do you believe in ghosts?


I guess every country has its own kind of ghostie. In Malaysia it’s the Pontianak (as seen above) a folklore vampire – they are women who died during childbirth and became undead, spending the rest of their days terrorizing villages, thirsty for revenge.

Pontianak announces its presence through baby cries – but it’s hard to distinguish how far they are from you by this. The Malay believe that the softer the cry, the closer they are to you. Apparently they live in banana trees in the daytime?

I’ve never personally seen one, but every time I go back home at one of my family gatherings, my cousins and aunties all tell their ghost stories but out of all of them there’s only one I believe to be true.

In our hometown Kuantan, which is a tiny place covered in dense jungle and set by the sea, my grandmother has a house. The house is huge, with tens of bedrooms and different wings, set on a piece of land where the jungle was cleared out but sometimes monkeys just walk around in the garden lol. A while ago we had to expand the house some more (I have a huge family) so my grandma bought more land and built another wing of the house there. She was warned that that area of land used to be a burial ground, and in order to keep the spirits out of the house she had to build a wooden bridge over a body of water in the house to enter the new wing.

Well she did all that and everyone was happy bla bla bla until my cousin went to stay there one weekend. She said that she woke up in the middle of the night and her window was open although she didn’t remember opening it, and the curtains were blowing around like it was really windy but she looked and it was still outside. She heard some soft cooing, turned to where it was coming from, and saw the Pontianak staring at her from the corner of the room. She didn’t know what to do (because I mean, what can you really do lol) so she hid herself under the covers and never looked out again until the morning came. Everyone told her that she was lucky that the Pontianak didn’t come closer or try to harm her, and no one knew why until she found out she was pregnant a week later.

But yeah… I’ve still never been to that part of the house and I refuse to go. The whole house itself is quite creepy, and all the floors are marble; sometimes you hear what sounds like footsteps when you know there can’t possibly be anyone there. xxx SV


2 responses to “Do you believe in ghosts?

  1. That’s so creepy… that’s worse than the ring lol.

  2. Shit! Amazing post, keep it up!

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