Gully in Guilly

IMG_9616I’m a backseat driver

IMG_9618Sky & Ella. We went for drinks at this really cute riverside pub


IMG_9627The many shades of pussy



IMG_9637The castle our little day trip revolved around. We didn’t even go inside lol


IMG_9657They filmed scenes from The Omen at the cathedral behind us :-/

IMG_9659Scariest fucking angels ever.

IMG_9660You can call her the nutcracker. I just call her Stitch

IMG_9664Sarianna the Strange

Headed up to Guildford for the day to celebrate Stitcheroni finishing her law degree! Congratulations! Just so we didn’t do the usual thing and head straight to the pub, we thought we’d go on a little cultural trip to this castle, the only one in the whole county apparently. It wasn’t even really that big as you can see. Oh yeah, and fuck the weather. Wavegang get gully! xxxSV


3 responses to “Gully in Guilly

  1. this blog post would be borring if it wasnt for you’s being so fit

  2. suchacharlatan

    Hahahaha you’re probably right sv

  3. haha i live in guilly… its such a shit hole eh?!

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