Not in the mood…

Darn I have had one major suck ass day. Wanna hear how it went? Screams / Yells of “NOOOOOOOOO Gemma NOOOOOOO”. Well guess what fuckers, I’m telling all.

So started off rushing around in a bloody stress flap as always, dashed out the door to a Big Ass corporate meeting… Turned up, turns out wrong day gemma poos. Drives in rage back home, to find out that yes I left my house keys in my house.
That point my Scottish temper is slightly beginning to show through the cracks. Threw a little hissy on road. YEP. NOT A LOOK IS IT. Stopped myself though in the nick of time, before making a real cunt of myself.

Thought Gemma ya seriously gotta cool it, lets drive to McDonalds, get a banana milkshake. Que’s and que’s for the drive through.
Jumped out the car to just walk in and collect and some bloody car park hose man. Yeah a man with a hose, spraying the McDonalds entire car park. Fucker thought it would be funny to play squirt. Usually I would have thought jokes. But nah not today. Lets just say wet T-Shirt comp, yep that drenched.

Now I’m actually bored of writing this, so I ain’t gonna tell all. Fast forward this shiiiiiiiit and save some bleeding eyes.
Anyways I’m now drinking wine listening to KORN and these tracks alot…

Though a hug would be quite nice. Can’t beat and meaty hug.

Big Love
Kane x


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