Bank Hol

I did the naughty and called in sick to come home for the weekend and im so glad i did because it was bigggg. First of all was day one of reset and it was busy to say the least. I was helping out on the trapstar/aint stall… cnv00082 cnv00092 cnv00098-copy ben had a unicorn on his t-shirt 🙂 cnv00081 trinotron boys.. cnv00078 style ssawi.. cnv00083 ollie holding down the all caps stand.. cnv00084 Then it was to cordy house for gullyver that night. Our girl Yasmin was there.. cnv00015 and sari!..(and gemma although we managed not to find each other all night) cnv00008 not too sure whats going on here hahah.. cnv00019 ella.. cnv00010 me and prof green.. cnv00022 louie LOUIE OH HIIIIIIII.. cnv00020 cnv00012 cnv00014 cnv00007 Then it was to reset day two with a banging headache but everyone had dogs with them so that made up for it because i want a puppy so bad! cnv00026 cnv00037 cnv00096 cnv00043 cnv00124 the rest of the photos from the day.. cnv00038 cnv00044 cnv00126 cnv00091
Was supposed to go to plastic people for FWD but got a little side tracked.. cnv00068 and i cut my leg on this bike somehow, sorry for showing everyone about a million times hahah.. cnv00067 me and nash.. cnv00058 this guy on the far right kept saying he had just got out of mental hospital and he was gonna fuck us up because he thought claud was a blood.. cnv00048 then i got married to will.. cnv00050 and afterwards loads of other stuff happenned i dont have any photos off, gooood weekend though 🙂


3 responses to “Bank Hol

  1. I don’t even remember this picture being taken haha, good times!!! xxx

  2. Hahaha jokes. Can’t believe I didn’t see you in Cordy toots.

    Such a little joker 😛 xxx

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