This little Piggy went to Mexico…


Bird Flu,
Mad Cow Disease,
and now Swine Flu.
Like, I know it’s a serious thing but come on, is this a joke?
Is this a big fat ploy from the Government to turn us all into Vegetarians?
Or maybe they’re gonna come back with Mad Carrot Disease and then we’ll be screwed….
All we’d be able to eat would be Chocolate and Crisps, in turn we’d all become Obese and then we’d crush the NHS with our HUGE demand for Gastric Bands…
Can’t you see the implications of this darn flu?!
Lets eradicate it. Put all the supposed cases on a rocket ship and let them fly around space for a bit until they’re better, the perfectly sensible thing to do…
I should be Gordon Brown’s advisor, shit would get DONE!

Dj Yasmin


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