Back in a bit yeah? I’ve GONE FISHING.

The Cool Kids and Yasmin

Not only do the Cool Kids make great music, they have the best names when its comes to Albums and Mixtapes, with previous releases such as ‘Totally Flossed Out EP’, ‘The Bake Sale’ and ‘That’s Stupid:The Mixtape’, I didn’t expect anything less of their up and coming mixtape…

‘Gone Fishing’ is out on the 4th of May to download for FREE, yeah, that’s right, for FREE at they’re so good to us!
The mixtape is a collaborative piece work featuring producer Don Cannon and if their earlier music is anything to go by expect BIG beats, sick flows and throwback lyrics inspired by the golden era of Hip Hop when it wasn’t always about drawing for the AK or banging ho’s, it was about having a damn good time.
The Cool Kids are not just great Artists but great guys too so make sure you download a FREE copy of their mixtape GONE FISHING on the 4th of May at and support good music!

(Don’t forget their album ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ is out for release later this year on C.A.K.E recordings so watch out for it!)

Dj Yasmin



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