Myspace Creeps..

So, inspired by my fellow Charlatan’s post (Myspazz), I felt compelled to share my story too..

As you may know, I am a dj. Now in my line of work I get many requests to play at certain events but never in my entire career have I had an offer quite like this, it comes courtesy of Da Rod Gurgler:





Needless to say, I didn’t reply. I may have missed out on a great time and a fair bit of cash but I think in the long run I made the right decision…

Yours Truly

Dj Yasmin



3 responses to “Myspace Creeps..

  1. Erm you so shoulda done the gig
    THAT woulda been worth a blog

  2. suchacharlatan

    OMG is he in a wheelchair?!? LMAO x sv

  3. Least you know he couldn’t get very far without paying

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