Last week me and my lil bro went shopping in croydon and i havent been back there in about 4 months ish i guess and this motherlicking plastic box is still in the middle of the floor outside where the disney shop used to be. Fair enough if something broke and this was a temporary fixture but my brother told me it has been there since before christmas. what the hell yeah yeah the recession and everything but STILL. Also why do they feel the need to put a sign on it that says ‘do not sit’ the thing is made out of the flimbsyist?? plastic and is tiny it wouldnt be like sitting down more like squatting and in the middle of the walkway why would you sit on it!!! Then again this is croydon, watch this video:


2 responses to “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??!?!?!

  1. The black guy has been dancing around Croydon for years, his accomplice however, is a newbie.

  2. suchacharlatan

    hahah i love it, they make a really good double act. This is the type of shit we should be seeing on britains got talent.

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