Goooo pirateboys!

So I just recently heard about these Somalian pirates. Yeah I know, where have I been, but my mind has been preoccupied with other things. This is the breakdown, according to my friend Stitch.

Ella Maileena says:
They have all this special equipment so they can locate the ships, and then they go and find them on speed boats and hijack the ship. Then they hold the ppl on the ship for ransom from corporations or governments. They’re fucking rich and somalia doesnt have a government so there is basically no law there, they do whatever they want!

She just turned me into one of their biggest fans. We love them.

Ella Maileena says:
they’re so crazy those pirates
i cant believethem
no pussy shit
they’re threatening GOVERNMENTS


You gotta respect their steez man.


P.S. On second thought, the Somalians are dope but I gotta stick with my own kind, the Malay pirates. Perhaps not as bad ass,  but I’m sure they get it in.



2 responses to “Goooo pirateboys!

  1. pirate in the first pic looks like dj ironik… HAHA!

  2. That’s dark.

    Hahahahahah !

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