It’s Late. I’m Awake. Have a Treat.



So it’s late, and i’m still awake.

I want to give you lot a treat so here have a crack at these bad girl tracks…

1. Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately

This track was released in 1986, i wasn’t even alive then, in fact i wasn’t even a thought, but hey, its a JAM.

2. MC Lyte – Cold Rock The Party (Bad Boy Remix)

Bad Boy ran shit back in the day, trusssssst….

3. Lil Kim ft Missy, Angie Martinez, Da Brat – Ladies Night

Okay so 4 bad gyaaallls jump on a disco track and this is what happens, i like.

4. Da Brat ft Tyrese – Whatcha Like

Da Brat is seriously butch but she can rap, and Tyrese is buff, so this track was always gonna be good..

5. Destiny’s Child – Bugaboo

Beyonce pre-diva, Kelly pre-weave and those other two girls that no one remembers. Independent women and all that.





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