This house is a circus, berserk as f**k

smallimg_4897The house of dancing drunk girls

smallimg_4889It usually takes about 2 drinks before I let people smoke inside

smallimg_4879Can you believe they’re from the land of ice & snow?

smallimg_4876Miss Rap-A-Long

smallimg_4872We love over exposed shots

smallimg_4903Sundays hangover was made right by a ridiculous amount of food @ Sofra

This weekend some old school friends came over from Finland for some London debauchery. When I say old school, I mean like before we had titties and periods old school. As we Finns do, we drank and danced all night, from west to east, from happy drunk to throwing up on yourself drunk. My apologies to anyone who had to witness that. Haha.

Bring on Bank Holiday weekend!!! Who’s coming to party with us next Saturday where Miss Gemma Kane is DJing  and I am getting drunk? Details coming later gator.




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