Get Dirty

East End club night, Gettin Dirty is going monthly on Saturday 25 April. It coincides with the 35th anniversary of the victorious Portuguese Revolution where the population, holding red carnations, peacefully convinced regime soldiers not to resist. Vive La Evolution! is the launch cry pronouncing Britain’s carnival of creativity.

Gettin Dirty doesn’t promise a revolution, it simply reflects the ongoing evolution of promoter Jim Warboy’s approach to putting on club nights. Drawing on his experience co-promoting the hedonistic rave All You Can Eat, and Matthew Glamorre’s supreme, dress-up club Kash Point, Warboy hopes to inspire clubland’s cultural refugees once again.

A forward-thinking music policy is central to Gettin Dirty with two floors offering red-hot inspiration in dance music integrated with art and performance.

The Bassment sees a gathering of energetic DJs drawn from across the nation. Birmingham’s Uber DJs and Crystal Death from Bristol will defiantly punch out the filthiest bass and driving percussion. There will also be an exclusive, live outing of the new DJVJ project from visual artist Scallydan, fresh off the Manchester big bus.

The Dis-commotion floor is home to the cosmic, Italo and dark disco from the Portuguese musical encyclopedia Nu Age, Italo aficionado Carlos Baffo, and disco den Spangle’s leading lady Ciandella.

There’s punky live performance with the recently formed Sex Tourists, the united talents of Rory from Pink Grease, David Barnet from The Boyfriends, and rhythm mistress Renu Hossain.

Having sung backing vocals in many cool parties across Europe Kam2kam has decided it’s high time to take centre stage. This will be her debut solo performance with music fresh out of the studio.

Art director Dan Szor presents Somewhere/Nowhere/Someone/Someday: An exploration into the idea of revolution in a culture of style over substance, where the ego dominates and restricts the idea of collective unity – ultimately slowing us down. Will this continuing nihilistic excess thrust us into a new dark age, or will the struggle of a few have the power to save ourselves?

Make-up artist Lucy Bridge will be employing the international symbol of workers alongside clothes from Digitaria in her live installation Flower Power Retornados.

David O’Brien will be presenting a photographic exhibition of work based on the Flower Power Retornados installation.

It starts at 8pm on Saturday 25th April at the Queen Hoxton (1 Curtain Road) Check out the event on Facebook here

And make sure you come, my superdope good friend KAM aka Bam Bam Banger bka… we don’t give government names out here, is performing live which shall be amazing. If you see me there, buy me a drink init.

Love with gloves,


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