Theres something you should know about me…

and so does my flat mate Alisa. I dont really know how it started but its now on some next level. People keep giving us unicorn related gifts including t-shirts, balloons, hot water bottles and soft toys (im not complaining).
If you dont know the whole story about unicorns and why there not here anymore, you can watch this video which is a song about what happened:

It explains it all in a fun way ^_^
Another video which made us LOVE unicorns even more is unicorn planet:

BUT two days ago when casually browsing the internet we came across this guy from Missouri who i think loves unicorns even more than me and alisa. Believe it or not this guy is 18!!!! He literally has about 30 of the most bizarre videos on youtube and it looks like he lives in a basement of a wizards castle. It’s some of the most funnyist shit iv seen in so long.
You can get at him on myspace here: If you’d like.
BUT You HAVE to watch this video below though, its amazing.


6 responses to “Theres something you should know about me…

  1. Loving the DIY Uni-Ice-Cream-Corn-Horn.

  2. suchacharlatan

    I love your unicorn t shirt SO MUCH! x

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  4. yes!!! i want a unicorn tshirt collection ^_^

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