Get a Rubber….

The Rubber Player

Ahhh tricked you. Thought you were going to see this didn’t ya…


Okay enough funny business Kane.

So Nixon shall be releasing  a series of limited edition Rubber Players watches ( as seen above), available in four colorways, for four months beginning March 16th. 

The Rubber Player is a unique, new interpretation on the iconic Player model from Nixon. Beginning in March, participating 

retailers will receive four Rubber Players in one color. Each month through June, participating retailers will receive an 

unannounced, new color of The Rubber Player. This product will not be available for reorder and when they are gone, they are 


The Rubber Player is certain to be one of the most sought after pieces from the Nixon line for 2009. 

The Rubber Player features a 3-hand Japanese quartz movement, custom molded silicone case and band and diamond. This 

limited watch will also come with a collector’s kit stand and packaging and will retail for 199€. 

For more information, visit: 


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