Clits in Action


“The public arena is dominated by phallocentric imagery, chauvinistic political leaders, and male fantasies of women. The most effective way to affect change is to step outside the system and tear it down. Power, whatever its origins, however it has evolved, will not be given up without a struggle.”

So one late Friday night I was browsing through some bootleg dvd’s my mother sent me from Malaysia and I found one with a name so repulsive I almost wanted to throw it away. I watched it instead, out of an obscure curiosity for all things that make the skin crawl.

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee lets itself down by blurbing the typical “high school girl finds purpose” on the cover, but makes up for the vomit inducing title in the film. The high school girl is a lesbian Latina (see, it already gets better) who joins the radical feminist group C(I)A… wait for it… Clits in Action. They basically just run around defacing public property with clever slogans and DIY art jobs whilst having lots of wild sex with random guys and puckering up for the occasional girl on girl makeout session on the side.

It’s definitely no masterpiece, but it’s refreshing to see a movie that makes feminism look a whole lot more appealing than just burning bras and butch dikes. A radical feminist I may not be, and while I would like to call myself a freedom fighter, the connotations of terrorism precede anything else you might associate with that title.

Although… there’s nothing wrong with blowing shit up in fuck me pumps, is there?


One response to “Clits in Action

  1. boom, i just watched that this evening.
    melonie diaz is amazing

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